WP7 – Use Case Bitstars

This work package will be led by Bitstars.

This WP will reuse WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5 and integrate it into existing use cases.

The wide spread of mobile devices and the increasing usage is not only challenging, but offers exciting new possibilities for a more natural user interaction. bitstars creates interactive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications specifically aimed at mobile users. As a result of this project, bitstars will provide a framework to visually present the answers of queries posed by the user, thereby providing a more natural and intuitive feedback.

By visually presenting the search results consisting of text, pictures and 3D objects, this feedback blends in with the whole searching pipeline starting with a natural speech query input.

The question answering capabilities will be integrated into the existing tools of bitstars, namely,
(i) HoloPlayer, a tool for AR and VR on the smartphone and tablet as well as devices such as Google Glasses, Oculus Rift or the new HoloLense.
(ii) DroidAR SDK, which will be the basis for the applications built within this project.

The DroidAR SDK is already downloaded and in use by thousands of users all over the world and available under GNU GPL v3 license. It will be extended in the course of this project to integrate the QA capabilities after fixing the requirements for integration of the partners’ modules.
The detailed tasks are outlined in the following.