WP1 – Requirements Elicitation & Architecture Design

This work package will be led by ULEI. We chose an academic partner to lead this WP to ensure a bias-free specification of the requirements. WP1 will involve all partners and has three main goals:

First, we will determine the exact functional requirements to the QAMEL components based on user requirements. The consortium will carry out an analysis of the state of the art and define the target state after the completion of the project. Moreover, the requirements of the three use cases will play a central role. The requirements elicitation and the requirements specification will be completed by joining insights from these two analyses.

In a second step, the consortium will develop a suitable technical architecture to fulfill these requirements. In particular, we will define interfaces for the loosely coupled communication between the different modules of the framework based on Semantic Web standards. By these means, we will ensure that modules can be exchanged easily without endangering the functionality of the platform.

The third goal of this work package will be to define benchmarks for the development of the platform. These benchmarks (which differ from the deployment benchmarks, which will be specified within the use cases) will be based on real data and will guide the development and evaluation of the overall platform during the development phase.