Kick-off Meeting

The Kick-off meeting of QAMEL took place the 7 and 8 December 2015 in Berlin. All partners could discuss about our expectations of this project.

Ontos contribution to QAMEL will concern the Knowledge extraction with OntosMiner (WP2), a mobile version of the RDFstore OntoQuad (WP5), and a logistics support use case (WP6). UniLeipzig will work on the query generation (WP4) using semantic web technologies also will lead the requirement elicitation work package (WP1). Saltlux presented some relevant work to the project like WiseKB, whose goal is to enable the computer of answering questions, just like IBM’s Watson. Saltlux will be leading the query formulation Wp3, and will also contribute with a use case in WP8. This use case is of big relevance to the project because it will contribute to a QA mobile application that will be used in the Winter Olympic Games in 2018 in Pyeongchang. This application aims to help tourists coming to the event with any enquire about the locations and the games. Kaist presented his work on question-answering technology and NLP and his OKBQA project. And, last but not the least, bitstars will make use of in QAMEL outcomes to enable the possibility of having hands-free user interaction when using VR devices (WP8).



During the meeting we discussed general requirements from the use cases and shared the current work of partners. For instance ULEI created a W3C community group with the aim to create standards about natural language interfaces in the web where researchers are welcome to join!

Next year we will be working mainly on the definition of requirements, and we will design the architecture that will allow us to achieve our goals. Meanwhile, let us wish you a Happy Holidays.