NumberTitleTypeContributorsDue Month
D1.1Feasibility study, state of the art and initial use case specificationreportULEI, all partnersM04
D1.2Component architecture, interfaces and benchmarks
reportULEI, all partnersM05
D1.3Requirements specification

reportULEI, all partnersM06
D2.1First version of the knowledge extraction suitesoftware+reportKAIST, ULEI, SaltluxM18
D2.2Final version of the knowledge extraction suitesoftware+reportKAIST, ULEI, SaltluxM30
D3.1, D3.3, D3.5First version of input verbalization, query correction and query extensionsoftware+reportSaltlux, ULEI, KAIST, BitstarsM18, M22
D3.2Second version of input verbalizationsoftware+reportSaltlux, ULEI, KAIST, BitstarsM30
D3.4Second version of query extensionsoftware+reportSaltlux, ULEI, KAIST, BitstarsM30
D3.6Second version of query correctionsoftware+reportSaltlux, ULEI, KAIST, BitstarsM30
D4.1, D4.3, D4.5First version of mobile and server-side query generation from questionssoftware+reportULEI, all partnersM18
D4.2Second version of light-weight and high-quality POS-tagger, Named Entity Annotation system and Dependency Parsersoftware+reportULEI, all partnersM30
D4.4Second version of efficient SPARQL querysoftware+reportULEI, all partnersM30
D4.6Second version of effective and efficient SPARQL query rankersoftware+reportULEI, all partnersM30
D5.3Benchmark report and recommendations for improvements
reportULEI, KAIST, Bitstars, SaltluxM15
D6.2Initial release of DBpedia use casesoftware+reportULEI, KAIST, SaltluxM34
D6.3Final release of DBpedia use casesoftware+reportULEI, KAIST,SaltluxM36
D7.1Detailed concept for the augmentation of real and virtual worlds by query resultsreportBitstars, all partnersM32
D7.2Release of the initial AR software with integrated QA capabilities providing visual feedbacksoftware+reportBitstars, all partnersM32
D7.3Improved and Final Release of the AR Software, integrating the latest project, all partnersM36
D8.1Detailed concept for the Briefy mobile app architecture and interaction designreportSaltlux, ULEI, KAISTM31
D8.2Initial release of Briefy mobile app with QAsoftware+reportSaltlux, ULEI, KAISTM34
D8.3Final release of Briefy mobile app including Voice Recognitionsoftware+reportSaltlux, ULEI, KAISTM36
D9.1Eurostars Report 1reportSaltlux, all partnersM06
D9.2Eurostars Report 2reportSaltlux, all partnersM12
D9.3Eurostars Report 3reportSaltlux, all partnersM18
D9.4Eurostars Report 4reportSaltlux, all partnersM24
D9.5Eurostars Report 5reportSaltlux, all partnersM30
D9.6Eurostars Report 6reportSaltlux, all partnersM36